Regardless of your job description, the option to work from home and office seems to be the preferred “hybrid” schedule after the pandemic disrupted the conventional workday.  Necessity—ingenious mother of invention—thrives on unconventional ideas, so she conceived a practical work arrangement that increases job satisfaction and productivity, while also alleviating the stress of a daily commute.  Like all good mothers, she wants you to live up to your full potential.  Instead of struggling with the usual trade-offs between work and life obligations, the hybrid schedule promotes equanimity by improving time management.  Furthermore, a home office, in a holistic environment, inspires creative solutions not possible in a cubicle with stark lighting.  

Western Denim Short at Nordstrom.

One of the consequences of the hybrid schedule is the disruption of the conventional dress code.  With comfort as the priority, the hybridization of athletic and leisure-wear blurred the boundary between slouchy and business casual.  But, you don’t have to disrupt your signature style to follow this trend.  Stick with classic silhouettes like a button-up shirt for polished comfort.  Versatility is the hallmark of a cotton shirt because it can be worn with skirts, jeans, and shorts.  Count on dependable brands like Equipment and Rag & Bone to bridge the gap between casual and dressy, online or in-person.  Necessity is watching—dress like the role model you are.

Stripe Button-Up Shirt in Blustripe at Nordstrom.

Silk Blouse in Chiffon at Nordstrom.

Denim Button-Up Shirt in Stonewashed Denim at Nordstrom.

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Eileen Linen Button-Up Shirt.

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Cotton Button-Up Shirt in Tropi Cali at Nordstrom.

Botanical Print Ruffle Placket Cotton & Silk Blouse in Antique Butterfly Off White at Nordstrom.

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