Cosmic Connection: COS & NORDSTROM


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L’Agence, Caverley, Amalfi by Rangoni


Retro inspired while still being thoroughly modern, this striking shirtdress is made of rich leather and features a tie front. Nordstrom.


Common Ground

From Long Island to Long Beach, Ralph Lauren’s influence is evident in classic separates inspired by America’s adventurous spirit.  With an abiding respect for the rugged landscape and rich heritage, Ralph Lauren infuses optimism into collections that are designed for active lifestyles.  Equestrian garb is reinterpreted into sporty polo tops, the rib button-up sweater has slimmer proportions for a flattering fit beneath a blazer, and the cable knit sweater vest exudes tomboy verve.  

Cable Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater in Cream at Nordstrom. 




Refined Style

that doesn't





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This fitted blazer is made of lightweight wool with the perfect amount of stretch is a versatile topper for the work week.


Deluxe, Designer, and Desirable

Deluxe, Designer, and Desirable

FALL 2022  

Etro, Co, Saint Laurent, Khaite, Proenza Schouler, Chloe, The Attico,

Max Mara and Zimmermann 

Paisley Wool Blend Sweater Coat in Black 1 at Nordstrom.



Cool, calm, and articulate:  like a regional dialect with a distinct accent, nonchalance is a language of style that’s influenced by California's coastal climate and live and let live vibe.  Easygoing, understated, and original:  like a candid conversation between friends, nonchalance is expressed through sophisticated separates that convey honesty and simplicity.

Vince Silk Blouse in Blue Waltz at Nordstrom.



Regardless of your job description, the option to work from home and office seems to be the preferred “hybrid” schedule after the pandemic disrupted the conventional workday.  Necessity—ingenious mother of invention—thrives on unconventional ideas, so she conceived a practical work arrangement that increases job satisfaction and productivity, while also alleviating the stress of a daily commute.  Like all good mothers, she wants you to live up to your full potential.  Instead of struggling with the usual trade-offs between work and life obligations, the hybrid schedule promotes equanimity by improving time management.  Furthermore, a home office, in a holistic environment, inspires creative solutions not possible in a cubicle with stark lighting.  

Western Denim Short at Nordstrom.


Plucky Determination

It’s the peak of Summer and solidarity is in full bloom.
Colorful bunches of hardy wildflowers are popping up like
eager volunteers spreading seeds of optimism. 
Tenacious and true, bold blossoms hold sway in vibrant shades 
of steadfast blue, exuberant yellow, and brilliant green. 
Heatwaves and downpours are no match for the plucky 
determination of these sun-loving stalwarts.

Featuring Sundresses by

Cinq à Sept, Rhode, Faithfull the Brand, Zimmermann, Cult Gaia, Reiss, La Ligne,

Wildflower Print Tassel Trim Strapless Silk Midi Dress in Fennel Multi.


All's Well That's Madewell

Summer is made better with easy-breezy basics that are lightweight and well made.  

The “whisper cotton” t-shirt speaks in hushed tones to contrast with ripped
denim cutoffs that shout about your rebellious mood. 
Flaunt your independence in the sporty balconette bikini and button-back shirt.

Express your ideology in a poppy colored popover that 

glides effortlessly over “breezewoven” pants.

Simplify your travel plans by packing versatile separates like the Brightside tank dress
featuring a playful ruffled hem for impromptu amusement, and the henley sweatshirt 

for midnight star-gazing and stellar wish-making.


available at Nordstrom


Madewell Flounce Hem Mini Slip Skirt in True Black at Nordstrom.



Sometimes destiny and destination converge in a place that’s unfamiliar, yet welcoming.  From the moment you set foot on the ground, you’re overcome with optimism for the future—it’s as though you’re standing on the threshold of transformation.  Your arrival was meant to be.


Sketched blooms animate this border-framed dress, drawn in blue and shaped by a simple sash at the waist.


Pearls of Wisdom

May is the month of commencement.  Excitement is plentiful and advice is churned out like flashy marketing swag.  Several of your friends are starting new jobs, one is volunteering in a remote village for a year, a few are vacationing in Europe, and you…well, you’re the outlier who simply wants the freedom to recharge in a do-nothing space.  Not everyone will understand this desire to pause and unwind, but grandma will.  Talk to her.

Gorgeous freshwater pearls line a timeless bracelet handcrafted with a signature LAGOS clasp.


Winning Attitude: Zella and BP by Nordstrom


“maximize the power of your mind, body, and energy”

Enhance your competitive spirit with
winning fashion “designed with ultimate comfort innovation and
peak performance.”


a “playground for self-expression through personal style.”
Breezy basics for Summer
Recreation, Relaxation, and Celebration



Soft and sporty, this stretchy sleeveless romper features quick-drying fabric and airy mesh accents so you can feel confident while working up a sweat.



When you live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, style is an avocation.  It’s a talent that’s developed from living in a vibrant city with prominent architecture and splendid gardens.  As you walk through Paris, it’s exciting to see how fashion is used as a medium to engage with the city.  Unexpected elements are put together like a street mural that’s imaginative and relevant to life in the city. 


Add a lively pop of color and a polished finish to any look with this textured tweed blazer in a shaped silhouette.


Flora and Fauna

Johanna Ortiz makes the urban jungle more glamorous with exotic prints and sultry silhouettes.  The eye-catching colors are inspired by the flora and fauna of her native Columbia, a biodiverse country that's bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  The Vin du Maroc Dress features tropical foliage and plumage that’s perfect for gliding through a busy promenade or hosting a poolside soirée.  The Serendipity Pareo, draped in a Midnight Blue silk blend, is made for an impromptu beach rendezvous.  For late night entertainment, slip on the shimmering camisole and Dancing Midi Skirt fashioned in subdued earth tones.

Dropped keyhole cutouts and a Queen Anne neck frame the bodice and decolletage of a '70s-inspired dress patterned with artful prints inspired by the tropics. A convertible silhouette allows this dress to be worn from back-to-front for diverse styling.


March Mindfulness

If you’re enticed to bet on your favorite NCAA team, why not place a bet on yourself, too?  Leverage your enthusiasm for March Madness to pursue March Mindfulness. 

Metallic fibers shimmer within the nubby textured tweed of a modern cropped jacket featuring a bold hue and gleaming sculptural buttons.


All Those In Favor of The Blazer say: “Smythe”

Celebrate “International Women’s Day” in a decidedly feminine blazer that exudes enterprising style and approachable energy.  Smythe, a Canadian brand founded in 2004, began with a singular goal:  perfect the woman’s blazer.  By prioritizing “methodical tailoring” and upbeat prints, designers Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe fashion blazers with tailored silhouettes that accentuate your ambitious intentions.  

Dress for success to enhance your negotiating skills, mentor an eager intern, and pursue your big dream of entrepreneurship.  Seize the day!

Genuine leather patches elevate this cutaway blazer framed by slightly puffed shoulders and patterned by classic herringbone for chic style made from cozy wool.